Tremor Sunset

Tremor Sunset with Andrea Oliva

The Tremor Sunset celebrates Biel-Bienne, the Seeland and its beautiful region. We gather you at a magnificent spot with a spectacular line up.

Like in each of our events, we want to bring people together in order to inspire and create emotions, this time by offering a spectacular setting. We can't wait to see you again and live these memorable moments.

Limited to 300 people, this concept is adapted to the security measures dictated by the Federal Council and allows for clear tracking via online ticketing.

Due to OFSP regulations, each visitor must buy his or her own ticket or leave his or her data at the entry.
- Admission only with a reservation ticket in advance.
- No guest list.
- Please, do not attend the event, if you feel sick.
- We recommend wearing a hygiene mask during the event.
- The collection of data is used to track down people who have come into contact with a person having contracted COVID-19. If so, they will be forwarded to the competent authorities.

Line up:

- Andrea Oliva
- She Nionika
- Rocca b2b Renote Lfd
- David Caballero
- Paolo Meli

Be 7here!


Saturday, 3. October 2020, 14:00 o`clock
Description Quantity  
Vorverkauf each  CHF 25.00 Advance sale terminated



Port de Bienne
place Joran
2503 Bienne

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